Landscape Drawing
Landscape Drawing
Landscape Drawing
Landscape Drawing
Vilppu Academy

Landscape Drawing

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Starting June 24, 2024

Landscape drawing is, in realty, the study of nature. 

The landscape  is only second to the human figure as a subject of artistic expression.

In this class I am taking a step by step approach to drawing landscapes, using a variety of tools and subjects in a logical process, demonstrating all of the many elements of nature which surrounds us in our everyday life.

Weekly lessons will include demonstrations on the fundamentals of drawing different types of trees and plants, leaves and  flowers, mountains, rocks, ground, sky, clouds, water, composition and ways to create space and atmosphere in your drawing. 

My approach to materials is keep it simple. The real tools are how we use them to describe and communicate what we see , composition being a major element in the process. All demonstration are from nature not from photographs. 


  • Carpenters pencil 6B and 8B preferred brand General
  • water soluble graphite 8B and 6B and 2B
  • Caran d'Ache watersoluble black pencil
    - watercolor crayon sepia, umber
    Albrecht Durer watersoluble pencil Sanguine or Burnt Ochre #3510-  077 or Faber Castell Watersolubel pencil Sanguine or dark red
    - Carbothello white or other white pencil for working on toned paper
  • Waterbrush
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Xacto knife or other tool for sharpening pencils
  • Sandpad
  • Paper
    • Sketchbook that will accept wet media
    • Glenn prefers Moleskine Sketchbook 8 1/2 x 11 or larger
    • Hot press watercolor paper
    • Canson paper medium value blue/ gray and or tan 
  • Water soluble Faber Castel or Caran d;Ache Pencils Sanguine or dark red shades  Black, Small set of watercolors Waterbrush 
  • Small watercolor set
  • Fountain Pen with converter so that you can add your own ink
    • - Fountain Pen and Ink 
    • (Glenn prefers Namiki Falcon Pen with SF nib (very flexible)  similar color ink. Namiki Falcon is a bit expensive,(about $150) but is very reliable and will last many years)
    • Second choice is Caran d'Ache 849 with Fine nib.
      Other pens are also acceptable
  • ink
    • Glenn uses Mont Blanc Toffee Brown or Diamane Warm Brown you may choose any sepia or reddish brown ink

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lynn Safroniuk
Review on Landscape Drawing Course

Glenn Vilppu makes you feel you belong in his art class no matter your skill level from beginner to advanced. His critiques are invaluable because each student is given a personal evaluation on how to improve their submitted artwork every week during the course. I am a retired nurse and I am just beginning my art journey. I have much to learn and would not hesitate to retake the class. Do take the landscape drawing course and enjoy the class!

Mark Kirkland
Excellent Landscape Drawing Class!

I am a longtime working artist in the animation industry and I have taken many classes with Glenn. I have recently completed my 2nd round of Landscape Drawing classes, which covered many techniques, methods and history of the art. My artwork has improved greatly and I look forward to more classes with Glenn in the future.

Sheldon Borenstein

To write a review about Glenn would take a massive library

So what I will say is that for the last 43 years to current
I study vilppu daily.
Not only all his artist training but also his life training .
I am who I am today because of him.
Glenn is my teacher my mentor my friend and my family
Sheldon Borenstein

Renato de Guia
Highly Recommended!

I just completed the 10-week session of Landscape drawing. Like the other classes, the weekly lesson was easy to follow. Glenn starts out introducing methods and materials in general and each week, his videos of how to use them, guides me through the assignment. The recorded critiques are very honest and helpful. I find myself muttering to myself "Why didn't I see that?" The lessons gradually increase in complexity, and I found myself going beyond what was required. Once I got comfortable with the methods and materials, I created what Glenn critiqued as "worthy of framing". Always an honor to get a critique like that from a Master Artist.

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