Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting
Vilppu Academy

Landscape Painting

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Starting June 24, 2024

In this 10 week course we will be painting using a limited palette of primary colors and learning to create subtle colors by mixing.

Beginning with how to set up and use your palette, creating chromatic grays and value studies to mixing colors, lessons will include general procedures for laying in areas of color and building upon them, using simple planes to create space, light and dark patterns, atmospheric perspective, contrast between simple and complex areas, warm and cool color contrasts, glazing and using composition to lead the eye. Painting from drawings and photo reference will also be included.

Weekly lessons and critiques.

No prior painting experience required. This course is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced painters.


  • Sketchbook or paper and pencils for notes and sketches
  • Canvas
    • Cardboard backing from sketchbooks coated with clear acrylic cut to 8 x 10 inches QTY 6
    • or Canvas or Linen Panels or stretched canvas 8x10 inches (does not have to be this exact size) QTY 6
  • Brushes: filbert and round
    • The brushes can be other brands, but these are the brushes and sizes Glenn will use:
      • Winton #8 bristle brush filbert 
      • Sareja #5 synthetic bristle round
      • Blick #8 synthetic bristle round
      • #2 synthetic bristle round
  • Palette (paper palette works well)
  • Oil paint
    • Any brand oil paint is okay
    • M Graham Walnut Oil based
      • This is Glenn's favorite and the paint he will use.
    • Water Soluble Oils are also good to use (Any brand is okay. Windsor Newton Artisan is a brand Glenn has used and liked.)
    • Colors
      • Raw Umber
      • Titanium White
      • Alizarin Crimson
      • Cadmium Yellow Light
      • Ultramarine Blue.
  • Medium for the brand of paint you are using
  • Non solvent brush cleaner 
  • Jars or media cups for medium and brush cleaner
  • paper towels or rags
  • Portable easel or French Easel for working outside (A French Easel is a bit pricey, but will last you a lifetime).

Customer Reviews

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Connor Hoehn
Connor Hoehn

I was eager to start this course because I knew that my expectations would be realized quickly. I did not know that I would feel I got 'my moneys worth' after only a couple of weeks. Glenn keeps the painting demonstrations to less than a couple of hours which keeps the lessons practical. The critiques are constructive.

I took Landscape Drawing first which allowed me to learn about light/darks, overlapping, broad strokes, etc. This helped.

Aaron araya
Amazing course to learn landscape and plein air

This course was for me one of the most exciting classes. I was very engaged and motivated to e learn about nature through oil painting. Glenn encourages us to paint outside, rather than inside the studio, and also various approaches to landscape painting. From monochromatic value painting to full-color painting, this course leaves you only to explore further by yourself after you finished it.
I am grateful to start my Plein air painting journey with Glenn Vilppu. Many thanks.

Don Culver
Great course with a great teacher!

Glenn is an accomplished artist and the most accessible teacher I have ever met. He meets each student at their own level, and is able to provide constructive advice based on their skills. This course is a great way to get started on painting landscapes.

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