How It Works

The student will stream each weeks assignmentand e-mail the completed work to Vilppu Academy. The work will be reviewed and available to the student at the beginning of the next week. The student will have one week for each assignment, as he would attending a regular brick and mortar school.Each of the subjects is broken down to a series of 6 or 10 week courses The student may repeat courses at a reduced fee. In Vilppu’s live classes taught at the American Animation Institute and his private classes, students often take the same course over many times, developing a high level of skill. It is recommended that the student repeat courses building a solid foundation of basics, to better be able to take advantage of the material in following courses.

What is Vilppu Academy?

Vilppu Academy is the online version of the internationally renowned drawing courses taught around the world by Glenn Vilppu at Animation, Game and Film studios as well as Universities, Art Schools and private Art Academies.The lessons consist of video lectures, demonstrations, examples and critiques of each students work weekly, as well as group discussion and the opportunity to get answers directly from Glenn. The student will have the ability to see the critiques of the other students as well, as would happen in a regular live class. Each course is a sequential series of lessons that build one upon the other. There is extensive supplemental material available for each course from as well as materials used in each course. Each course has required materials available from, if the student does not already have them.

Glenn Vilppu

In over 50 years of teaching drawing my focus has been to bring to the student logic and practical application of drawing in communication. Drawing is thinking and feeling and the needs of the artist today to communicate are no different than they have been down through the ages. All artists have the same problems that they must deal with the differences are in their interests and the order of importance they give to various elements. I do not teach a style, I teach tools of communication and give direction to acquiring knowledge. Knowledge coupled with the development of skill and feeling is what creates the magic. There are no Rules, just tools. In the many means that I use to teach, DVD’s, Books, Subscription Drawing Lessons, you will find the same threat of logic. Get the total and communicate it as clearly as you can.