Figure Drawing 2
Figure Drawing 2
Figure Drawing 2
Figure Drawing 2
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Figure Drawing 2

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Starting June 20, 2022 

In Figure Drawing 2 the course will expand upon the tools presented in Figure Drawing 1 with the introduction of both technical and aesthetic drawing elements. The emphasis on each element introduced is to enhance the range of tools that you may use to achieve your artistic needs. This includes designing the shapes, use of accents and atmosphere as well as specific problems of foreshortening, tonal control, and rhythm. A further discussion of the use of rhythm as a compositional tool in drawing. In addition the use of the clothed figure will be introduced in conjunction with diagramming space.

Figure Drawing Two Class Outline

Week 1 Development of form shape to push gesture. 
In Figure Drawing 1 the emphasis in capturing the gesture was primarily line. In this lesson I am focusing on how the shape of the forms are used in conjunction with line to push the gesture. 

Week 2 Moving into interior of form from contour
It is often important to maintain a particular contour or external shape for compositional reasons. In this lessons I am focusing upon the use of tone as a means of developing the interior of the form without changing the contour 

Week 3 Foreshortening 
How to work with the foreshortened figure, the primary principles in using form that give us a sense of depth. Focus upon the construction of forms to create dramatic poses in space. The use of distortion for artistic goals. 

Week 4 Atmosphere
Traditional use of tone in creating a feeling of atmosphere as well as modern applications in both and Western and Oriental Art. 

Week 5 The application of tonal control
as a means of giving a sense or realism to your drawing. 

Week 6 Accents
where and how to use them. The use of accents to push the gesture of the figure, as well as helping to create of vitality to your drawing. The use of accents in direct lighting as a means of creating an airy or sparkling quality. 

Week 7 Rhythm
as a compositional and expressive tool and major design element, with examples from both the old masters 19th and 20th centuries. 

Week 8 Using Drapery
the Clothed Figure. Developing an approach to drawing the clothed figure from imagination, including an introduction to the 7 basic folds. Constructed Figure with drapery added. 

Week 9 Continuing the use of Drapery
it’s application in drawing the gesture from both the model and imagination. 

Week 10 Diagraming space
In this final lesson of Figure Drawing 2, the emphaysis will be on the mechanics of Diagraming space

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