Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
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Figure Drawing 1

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Starting January 2, 2023  

This online course is developed from the Basic Figure Drawing course that I teach world wide and is the basis for the Vilppu Drawing Manual. This course consists not only of my video lectures, but also includes lectures using the tablet computer as I do in my regular classes. Figure Drawing 1 focuses on the gesture, using simple volumes consistent with traditional figure construction as a means of communicating and analyzing the gesture as well as the fundamentals of rendering form with tone and line.

Figure Drawing One Class Outline

Week 1
Gesture, capturing the action of the figure, the soul of your drawing. This is the first step in your drawing and gives direction to everything that follows. This lesson will show several different approaches to starting your drawing and analyzing the action. 

Week 2
Spherical forms, the basic containment of forms, and foundation of 3D drawing. This lesson explains and applies the use of the spherical forms with examples from the past to today. 

Week 3
Box Forms, the clarification of the 3D gesture as well as placement of forms spatially. The box is the primary element of both analysis and description of forms in real space as well as a fundamental element of perspective. 

Week 4
Combining Spheres and Boxes.In this lesson the focus is upon how forms react with each other to give a sense of the “real”, the bringing your drawing to life. The analysis of reality applied to drawing. 

Week 5
Cylinders - cross rendering. The combining of forms and the contours going over and around the form as a traditional tool of description. 

Week 6
Bringing the figures to life, squash and stretch, Continuing the analysis of interaction started in Week 4, we focus upon how forms function in showing the gesture, by focusing upon opposites as they help to clarify and describe the action. 

Week 7
Basic anatomical landmarks and proportions. An in depth explanation of proportions and their us as landmarks in analyzing action as well in creating anatoomically correct drawings. 

Week 8
The Modeling tone as the primary means of rendering form. The introduction of specific means of rendering form using the modeling tone, combing many of the elements discussed in earlier lessons. 

Week 9
Furthering the development and use of the modeling tone in the description and analysis of form with examples both modern and historical. 

Week 10
Direct light, this lecture is some times referred to as the laws of light. The fundamental elements of direct light are approached as tools that can be manipulated to not only describe form, but as tools of expression.

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