Animal Drawing Part 2
Animal Drawing Part 2
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Animal Drawing Part 2

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Starting June 24, 2024

Part One is a Prerequisite for Part Two.


Each week of the class will focus upon a specific part of the body showing it’s basic construction and the anatomy related to it plus examples and demonstrations. The students will focus upon the elements discussed in the lectures, as will the crits. There is considerable overlapping as the various parts of the body are interconnect and a primary element in our drawing is the interaction of the various elements of anatomy in action.

Class Outline 


1 & 2  Horses - Movement natomy including proportions.

3 & 4 Drawing animals in action.

5 & 6  Birds

7 & 8  Approaches to rendering, using light and tone.

9 & 10 Advanced approaches to sketching and rendering animals using different media.


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