Animal Drawing Part 1
Animal Drawing Part 1
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Animal Drawing Part 1

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Starting June 24, 2024

Animal Drawing is a two session course.


Part One is a Prerequisite for Part Two.


Each week of the class will focus upon a specific part of the body showing it’s basic construction and the anatomy related to it plus examples and demonstrations. The students will focus upon the elements discussed in the lectures, as will the crits. There is considerable overlapping as the various parts of the body are interconnect and a primary element in our drawing is the interaction of the various elements of anatomy in action.

Class Outline

Part One


1 & 2  General introduction, comparative anatomy of humans and animals, including an  overview of the four legged animal skeleton basics.

3 & 4 Gesture and basic volumes applicable to all four legged mammals.

5 & 6  Cats and Dogs

7 & 8  Domestic animals

9 & 10  Zoo Animals


Part Two


1 & 2  Horses - Movement natomy including proportions.

3 & 4 Drawing animals in action.

5 & 6  Birds

7 & 8  Approaches to rendering, using light and tone.

9 & 10 Advanced approaches to sketching and rendering animals using different media.


Customer Reviews

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Andrea Christen
Highly recommended

As a professional illustrator and passionate artist I highly recommend studying with Glenn. Choose the subject which is most interesting to you and start from there. Over the years I have attended Figure Drawing One and Two, Composition One and Two, Head Drawing, Head Painting, Anatomy and most recently Animal Drawing Part One. Some of these several times. All of Glenn’s lessons and critiques helped me to improve my drawing and painting skills with the tools he provides. His videocritiques with comments and recommendations are very important for me to improve my skills.
After more than ten years of studying with Glenn my toolbox of Vilppu drawing tools (which I use without rules) is still growing and I cherish every part of it. I use what I have learned every day and it is a pleasure to have it because I love to draw from imagination.
Glenn's courses have helped improve my drawing skills in many ways. I have achieved goals that I dreamed of and there are more on my list which I can tackle with my improved skills. Thank you Glenn.

Lois Freeman-Fox
Animal Drawing !

Glenn Vilppu is a master draughtsman and in this class he teaches the student how to take the knowledge of human anatomy and apply it to animals. There are excellent videos and source materials to study from and a wealth of information that allows the student to draw animals that look and move convincingly. It's a great class.

Ki Innis
Everything you need to draw animals is HERE. Great course.

Glenn's Animal Drawing Part 1 is definitely the best course that anyone can take if they want to learn how to draw 4-legged animals. There are a lot of art references, YouTube videos and graphic formulas to draw animals, but this course will give you the tools to understand drawing animals from the inside-out. By the end of this course you will know animal anatomy and how to draw animals that are convincing, look grounded and have life. Direct personalized feedback from one the world's greatest drawing instructors, Glenn Vilppu, that itself is priceless.

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