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Starting January 2, 2023 

The focus of this course is to apply anatomical knowledge in drawing the figure. Knowing anatomy is not equivalent to being able to use it in drawing. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the basic three dimensional structure of the figure in simple forms of construction as the first step in building a figure from a  gesture. Anatomy in action is applied to the underlying basic three dimensional forms that help to show the action even more clearly. You can not draw something is you do not know what it looks like.

Each week of the class will focus upon a specific part of the body showing it’s basic construction and the anatomy related to it plus examples and demonstrations. The students will focus upon the elements discussed in the lectures, as will the crits. There is considerable overlapping as the various parts of the body are interconnect and a primary element in our drawing is the interaction of the various elements of anatomy in action.

Anatomy Class Outline

 Week 1

Head and Neck

Week 2
Neck and Shoulders 

Week 3
Upper Torso

Week 4

Week 5
Upper Leg

Week 6
Lower Leg & Foot

Week 7
Upper Arm

Week 8
Lower Arm

Week 9

Week 10
Using the Camera or Smartphone as a tool.