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Starting June 24, 2024

The focus of this course is to apply anatomical knowledge in drawing the figure. Knowing anatomy is not equivalent to being able to use it in drawing. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the basic three dimensional structure of the figure in simple forms of construction as the first step in building a figure from a  gesture. Anatomy in action is applied to the underlying basic three dimensional forms that help to show the action even more clearly. You can not draw something is you do not know what it looks like.

Each week of the class will focus upon a specific part of the body showing it’s basic construction and the anatomy related to it plus examples and demonstrations. The students will focus upon the elements discussed in the lectures, as will the crits. There is considerable overlapping as the various parts of the body are interconnect and a primary element in our drawing is the interaction of the various elements of anatomy in action.

Anatomy Class Outline

 Week 1

Head and Neck

Week 2
Neck and Shoulders 

Week 3
Upper Torso

Week 4

Week 5
Upper Leg

Week 6
Lower Leg & Foot

Week 7
Upper Arm

Week 8
Lower Arm

Week 9

Week 10
Using the Camera or Smartphone as a tool.


Customer Reviews

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Kylin Lau
Thank my older cousin for covering the course fees , and Mr. Vilppu's guidance.

I have gained a lot from this course, with the most significant benefit being Mr. Vilppu's feedback on my assignments. Everyone has their blind spots and may not see their own issues, but having a master like him review your work is a tremendous help. However, I must say that Mr. Vilppu's course is quite challenging, and it heavily depends on your personal efforts. I've seen some students making progress, but it seems like the pace is relatively slow.

Of course, this isn't kindergarten; it's all about your own dedication. Even if you don't put in the effort, Mr. Vilppu won't push you to do your assignments. In the final stretch of the course, many students who were submitting assignments disappeared, leaving only me and another classmate still consistently handing in assignments. I feel sorry for those who dropped out.

Since I'm in China, participating in this course has been quite challenging. I couldn't even make the payment due to a lack of available payment channels. Thanks to my cousin in Canada, I was able to enroll, and I am deeply grateful to him for his support.

Lastly, I hope the website can support Alipay for payments in the future. Paying in USD through other channels is very difficult for us.

Devon Nix
Spectacular Illustrations instructions

I have always wanted to lean to draw like the great renaissance artist’s and I must say, after I finished taking this course my level of drawing ability has increased significantly. The critiques I received were so in depth that it would make me want to go back and redo my artwork, the right way. Glenn Vilppu’s techniques are useful when you apply them. My favorite part was learning how Mr. Vilppu interprets body language. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to get serious about learning the aft of illustration!

Andrea Christen

As a professional illustrator and passionate artist I highly recommend studying with Glenn. Choose the subject which is most interesting to you and start from there. Over the years I have attended Figure Drawing One and Two, Composition One and Two, Head Drawing, Head Painting and Anatomy. Some of these several times. All of Glenn’s lessons and critiques helped me to improve my drawing and painting skills with the tools he provides. His videocritiques with comments and recommendations are very important for me to improve my skills.
After almost ten years of studying with Glenn my toolbox of Vilppu drawing tools (which I use without rules) is still growing and I cherish every part of it. I use what I have learned every day and it is a pleasure to have it because I love to draw from imagination.
Glenn's courses have helped improve my drawing skills in many ways. I have achieved goals that I dreamed of and there are more on my list which I can tackle with my improved skills. Thank you Glenn.

Martinho Corea
Master anatomy with the master

I have been a student of Glenn's for over 12 years. As a working artist and teacher myself, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills which initially lead me on a search where I found Glenn's demo videos. From that I studied with him in person. No one teaches anatomy as thorough and well as Glenn. Anatomy is something which needs constant study and review and this online workshop is perfect for that. You have the ability to work at your own speed but on a consistent schedule with both demos and weekly chats to support your study. I regularly recommend this (and other) Vilppu Academy courses to my own students. Study with the best to become your best.

Ian McCartor
A lifetime of knowledge

Anatomy is one of the most challenging elements of being a figurative artist. As a medical professional as well as a draughtsman, I can say that this particular focus of study is one of the most time consuming- but so ABSOLUTELY necessary. In this course, Glenn leads you to understand the complexity of this beautiful machine we are, and how its intricacies can be wielded by the artist who really knows what's underneath the skin. Take this course if you really want to go deep.