Figure Painting
Figure Painting
Figure Painting
Figure Painting
Figure Painting
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Figure Painting

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Starting June 24, 2024

The focus of this class will be on using paint to describe the figure in action, individually and then as part of a composition. The goal is to create composed paintings, including environments. 

First, we will start with the basic procedures in approaching the figure, drawing with paint and the development of 3D form. The lessons are progressive, becoming more complex from week to week. We will progress to doing multiple figure compositions as well as compositional approaches to portraits.

In general, the procedure will be the Venetian approach of developing forms and composition directly on the canvas. We will use a limited palette of primary colors.


  • Sketchbook or paper and pencils for notes and sketches
  • Canvas
    • Cardboard backing from sketchbooks coated with clear acrylic cut to 8 x 10 inches QTY 6
    • or Canvas or Linen Panels or stretched canvas 8x10 inches (does not have to be this exact size) QTY 6
  • Brushes: filbert and round
    • The brushes can be other brands, but these are the brushes and sizes Glenn will use:
      • Winton #8 bristle brush filbert 
      • Sareja #5 synthetic bristle round
      • Blick #8 synthetic bristle round
      • #2 synthetic bristle round
  • Palette (paper palette works well)
  • Oil paint
    • Any brand oil paint is okay
    • M Graham Walnut Oil based
      • This is Glenn's favorite and the paint he will use.
    • Water Soluble Oils are also good to use (Any brand is okay. Windsor Newton Artisan is a brand Glenn has used and liked.)
    • Colors
      • Raw Umber
      • Titanium White
      • Alizarin Crimson
      • Cadmium Yellow Light
      • Ultramarine Blue.
  • Medium for the brand of paint you are using
  • Non solvent brush cleaner 
  • Jars or media cups for medium and brush cleaner
  • paper towels or rags


Prerequisites Figure Drawing One.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aaron araya
Not just painting, but also composition

I really enjoyed this course because, in the beginning, I learned how to paint the figure using only 4 colors. After that, we went straight to the application, which is to use the figure in order to create a painting. Not only painting but also composition was a focus. It gave me an approach to self-create my own work for the future. I recommend this course to anyone new to oil painting and who has some resistance to painting the figure.

Michael Healey
Incredible painting class

This class taught me such an incredible variety of techniques, that are all built upon and familiar because of the consistency of Glenn’s teaching. Some of the most fun and rich learning you can have in a course.

Lois Freeman-Fox
A compelling approach to figurative painting

It is fascinating to watch Glenn's demos painting figures. He takes the class through the process of working with a limited palette and then glazing the paintings over the course of several weeks. It is great to have the video of Glenn's demos to review over since a lot of what he shows is masterful and subtle. The feedback from critiques is in depth and incisive.

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