Head Drawing
Head Drawing
Head Drawing
Head Drawing
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Head Drawing

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Starting June 24, 2024

This course in Head Drawing will present you with a solid body of information that you can use to develop your skill in drawing the head from life as well as from imagination. Beginning with lessons on planes, proportions and anatomy, including lectures on individual features, variations in age and ethnicity, followed by expressions and rendering, learn to capture or create an individual.

Head Drawing Class Outline 

Week 1

Basic Laying proportions and first indications of gesture and major planes of the head.

Week 2
In this lesson we will begin the detailed analysis of the planes of the head, demonstrating from the Planes of the Head sculpture. The relationship of the underlying anatomical structure will also be demonstrated as it affects the surface planes.

Week 3
A discussion of variations in types of heads. This lesson will focus upon the differences and how they affect the overall individual character of the model. 

Week 4
In this lesson the focus will be on the eyes and nose with an in depth discussion of different types as well as the construction of the planes. 

Week 5
The variety of lips and construction of the mouth will be the primary element of this discussion. 

Week 6 
Age differences are a major element of the head and will be the focus of this lesson, discussions of how we change with age and how to show the differences in the drawing. 

Week 7 
Hair will be the primary focus in this lesson. How to draw hair as well as its use in showing action, gesture and form. 

Week 8
Various techniques in rendering form will be demonstrated using both pencil and pen. 

Week 9
Expression - how to capture it from life as well as the fundamental elements that create a variety of expressions. 

Week 10
Capturing characters while sketching - quick sketch

Customer Reviews

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Anita Sunshine Marullo
Head Drawing

This is my fourth class with Glenn Vilppu. All have been amazing. My drawing skills have steadily increased since I started. This class has been really helpful. My ability to draw heads and faces has definitely improved. Glenn is am amazing teacher and I so appreciate that I am able to study and learn under his guidance.

Andrea Christen

As a professional illustrator and passionate artist I highly recommend studying with Glenn. Choose the subject which is most interesting to you and start from there. Over the years I have attended Figure Drawing One and Two, Composition One and Two, Head Drawing, Head Painting and Anatomy. Some of these several times. All of Glenn’s lessons and critiques helped me to improve my drawing and painting skills with the tools he provides. His videocritiques with comments and recommendations are very important for me to improve my skills.
After almost ten years of studying with Glenn my toolbox of Vilppu drawing tools (which I use without rules) is still growing and I cherish every part of it. I use what I have learned every day and it is a pleasure to have it because I love to draw from imagination.
Glenn's courses have helped improve my drawing skills in many ways. I have achieved goals that I dreamed of and there are more on my list which I can tackle with my improved skills. Thank you Glenn.

Lois Freeman-Fox
Head Drawing

I have taken many drawing classes in person with Glenn Vilppu but I was amazed at how much I learned from this online class. It is invaluable to see Glenn drawing in close up and being able to replay the video for details that might have eluded me the first time through.
The critiques are invaluable as is the process of seeing others' work.

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