Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
Figure Drawing 1
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Figure Drawing 1

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Starting June 24, 2024

This online course is developed from the Basic Figure Drawing course that I teach world wide and is the basis for the Vilppu Drawing Manual. This course consists not only of my video lectures, but also includes lectures using the tablet computer as I do in my regular classes. Figure Drawing 1 focuses on the gesture, using simple volumes consistent with traditional figure construction as a means of communicating and analyzing the gesture as well as the fundamentals of rendering form with tone and line.

Figure Drawing One Class Outline

Week 1
Gesture, capturing the action of the figure, the soul of your drawing. This is the first step in your drawing and gives direction to everything that follows. This lesson will show several different approaches to starting your drawing and analyzing the action. 

Week 2
Spherical forms, the basic containment of forms, and foundation of 3D drawing. This lesson explains and applies the use of the spherical forms with examples from the past to today. 

Week 3
Box Forms, the clarification of the 3D gesture as well as placement of forms spatially. The box is the primary element of both analysis and description of forms in real space as well as a fundamental element of perspective. 

Week 4
Combining Spheres and Boxes.In this lesson the focus is upon how forms react with each other to give a sense of the “real”, the bringing your drawing to life. The analysis of reality applied to drawing. 

Week 5
Cylinders - cross rendering. The combining of forms and the contours going over and around the form as a traditional tool of description. 

Week 6
Bringing the figures to life, squash and stretch, Continuing the analysis of interaction started in Week 4, we focus upon how forms function in showing the gesture, by focusing upon opposites as they help to clarify and describe the action. 

Week 7
Basic anatomical landmarks and proportions. An in depth explanation of proportions and their us as landmarks in analyzing action as well in creating anatoomically correct drawings. 

Week 8
The Modeling tone as the primary means of rendering form. The introduction of specific means of rendering form using the modeling tone, combing many of the elements discussed in earlier lessons. 

Week 9
Furthering the development and use of the modeling tone in the description and analysis of form with examples both modern and historical. 

Week 10
Direct light, this lecture is some times referred to as the laws of light. The fundamental elements of direct light are approached as tools that can be manipulated to not only describe form, but as tools of expression.

Customer Reviews

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Vasilios Grigos
Glenn is a True Teacher. Thank you Glenn.

I took the live, in-person, Rome(Italy) 7-day Workshop, where Glenn taught a LOT of drawing topics. Part of the workshop was Figure 1, so here is my review.

Like all of education, the same is true in drawing: there is no match to a live, in-person, drawing study…and in this case, especially with Glenn as a teacher who is super inspirational and Also one who also knows when, where and how to provide direction.

I explain bellow, providing examples..

First of all I have to say this:
I went into the course as a beginner. At the end of the workshop, after being affected by the drawing energy and aura of the intensive drawing course that it was, I was able to at least draw 1 good gesture drawing in the Vilppu way. Basically, Glenn helped me reach a height in my drawing skill in such a small duration of time which I never could have achieved on my own. Of course, that skill faded away very soon after the course had finished 😆 it happens with these things…but Glenn’s words stayed with me and over the years, as I kept practicing and as my drawing awareness was improving, I was able to understand his teachings...


So, Glenn drew a few sketches on my sketchbook during the workshop.

He was SO playful with them...with the lines....and the way he was talking about the process!

and I was so lost!!

I was like a hoarder having all my stuff thrown into a very small closet!

In my brain, as well as my sketches, everything was crammed together in a tight space!!!

in my head: “what?!how does he just draw the lines like that?!?”

and Glenn was just smiling and being very playful with them...

then he must have seen my face and immediately realized I am not “there” yet 😄😄 he just moved on..

..but whenever he came back, he was the same!! Playful with the lines..with the process!

And because of the above, It was a while later when realized, one of Glenn’s most important teachings: ”Do not Copy. Analyse.”

That you can only be Playful in analysis and not in copying! And because of that, in drawing, analysis is not paralysis! copying is paralysis! And analysis is freedom!!


At another point during the workshop, I couldn’t grasp some overlapping, going on, between the thorax and the pelvis, at the flank pad area. So, after a couple of days went by and because I wasn’t getting it, Glenn decided to help me by drawing, 1 simple small line, at the exact right second for me – which changed EVERYTHING about how I was looking at the figure.

He almost drew it hesitantly, but I wasn't going anywhere without it😂

Glenn realized it and I am so lucky and thankful of that.

Knowing myself, it would have taken me a few years to overcome that issue...

and there were many more moments like that…and many more answers Glenn gave us during the workshop, which are still maturing in my brain..

Hands down, best drawing experience in my life and Best way I could have taken Figure 1.


Lastly, Glenn is a Great storyteller!!! He used storytelling combined with drawing, to help me understand a couple of concepts!

Bless you Both Glenn and Eleanor!

Andrea Christen

As a professional illustrator and passionate artist I highly recommend studying with Glenn. Choose the subject which is most interesting to you and start from there. Over the years I have attended Figure Drawing One and Two, Composition One and Two, Head Drawing, Head Painting and Anatomy. Some of these several times. All of Glenn’s lessons and critiques helped me to improve my drawing and painting skills with the tools he provides. His videocritiques with comments and recommendations are very important for me to improve my skills.
After almost ten years of studying with Glenn my toolbox of Vilppu drawing tools (which I use without rules) is still growing and I cherish every part of it. I use what I have learned every day and it is a pleasure to have it because I love to draw from imagination.
Glenn's courses have helped improve my drawing skills in many ways. I have achieved goals that I dreamed of and there are more on my list which I can tackle with my improved skills. Thank you Glenn.

Michael Healey
The most important art class

This class concisely covers the fundamental steps to not only draw the figure, but how to look at and study everything in the visual arts with a new light.

Ian McCartor
The BEST foundational figure drawing instruction

Glenn's unmatched knowledge and guidance has been such a gift to me as I have pursued my work as a figurative artist. This foundational course is one worth taking over and over again as your career expands (I've taken it several times!) It's an investment that you will cherish for your whole life - take advantage of studying with a modern master!

Dylan Pym
Gold standard of figure drawing

There's no better gold standard of figure drawing training available to the student today than Glenn Vilppu and his figure drawing 1 class. As far as anybody should be concerned, this is THE place to learn how to draw the figure. I have taken the class multiple times for how rich and deep the material is. I will forever owe a debt to Glenn and his work. If you have your doubts, I implore you to take the chance. You won't regret it.

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