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Welcome to Vilppu Academy

First off we would like to thank you for enrolling in Vilppu Academy. This User Guide is intended to help walk you through your initial login process as well as give you some guidelines regarding how the class will work.

How It Works

Viewing your lessons
At the begining of each week, a new lesson will be posted and available for you to view all week long while you work on your drawing assignment which will be submitted each Sunday night before midnight (pacific standard time).

Submitting your assignments
Once you have completed your assignment and it is ready for submission, you will send it to

Along with the next lesson, all of the student critiques will be available to view at the beginning of each week. In these crititques, Glenn Vilppu will be digitally drawing over or alongside your drawings. These critiques will be made available as streaming videos.

scanning or saving your drawing
In order to submit your assignment, you will need to scan your drawing. All images must have a resolution between 100-150 dpi. This is to ensure the size of the file is large enough to veiw all of the detail. All files should be named as following: course_week_name.fileformat
For example: Essentials_week1_john_doe.jpg


Sketch Book
8.5 X 11 inchs for doing class work, also another one with paper that you can use water color on for sketching DO NOT USE NEWS PRINT

- Graphite HB, 2B, & 4B
- Faber - Castell - Polychromos - Sanguine & Black Cont B
- Charcoal (medium hardness)
- Sand Pad
- X-Acto knife (for sharpening pencils - prefered instead of electric)
- Chamois 3X4 inch
- Kneaded Eraser
- Shading Stump

Not required for Drawing Essentials Course
- Water Brush (not required for Drawing Essentials Course
- Ink (water soluble for fountain pens) I use Brillant Brown by Pelikan
- Pen (fountain pen is preferred - a variety available at


All assignments will be emailed to
*Be sure to watch the file size of your scanned drawings. All files must be under 10mb.

In order for your submission to be accepted you must format the subject line as follows: assignment_course_week_name

For example: Assignment Essentials week1 John Doe